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The time's most beautiful, quickest and advanced website tool is Doodlekit... Right now, Doodlekit is the best available online website builder...

free website builder

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Teachers Website Builder

Doodlekit is an online website builder that can be used to build a teachers website in minutes! No web development experience needed - Doodlekit's teacher resource websites are super easy to use. School teacher websites have the power to bulk upload photos, change layouts and color themes, create their own website headers, blog about school / teacher / student related topics, create discussion forums, build online forms for collecting student information, and much more.

Doodlekit is all online - no software to install. Other teacher’s website builders require you to install software on a computer and only use that specific computer to build your teacher resource websites. Not Doodlekit. With our school teacher websites tools, you can build free teacher websites from anywhere, anytime you want - no software to install! All you need is Internet access and a browser.

Teacher Resource Websites & Features

  • Advanced Website Design Tools
  • Form Builder
  • Domain Email Forwarding
  • File Uploader
  • Advanced Security
  • Advanced Font Selections For Titles
  • International Language Settings
  • Free Website Builder For Non-Profits
  • Teachers Website
  • Domain Management Tools
  • User Registration / Membership
  • Built In Stock Photo/Image Repository
  • W3C Valid XHTML/CSS Layouts
  • HTML Widgets
  • Online Photo Albums / Bulk Uploader
  • Built In Advertising Tool
  • Advanced Editor With Spell Checking
  • Teacher Resource Websites
  • No Coding Required
  • Online Content Management System
  • Domain Procurement
  • Blog
  • Website Statistics Tracking
  • Forums
  • PayPal & Google Shopping Carts
  • Advanced CSS Override Editor
  • School Teacher Websites

School Teacher Websites Uses

Doodlekit is the best teacher’s website builder on the market. Its powerful backend database provides websites with advanced tools that other school teacher websites cannot match. Here are some example Doodlekit features you might find of use when creating your teacher resource websites:

Blog – Use your blog as your teacher’s website news page. Keep parents and students in the ‘know’ about upcoming events and classroom activities. Allow students and parents to make comments on your blog posts.

Photos – Upload photos to your website. School teacher websites often have photos of classroom activities posted for parents and students to enjoy.

Forums – Create teacher resource websites by building school related forums. Answer and post questions from students, parents and other teachers. Create an online community of students and their parents. Allow students to communicate with each other.

File Uploader – School teacher websites often need the ability to upload homework documents/worksheets for their students to be able to download. Doodlekit allows you to do this. You can also upload any other documents or forms that students and their parents might need.

Advanced Security – A teacher’s website may need the option to only allow certain students and their parents to view information. Doodlekit offers advanced security options that allow only specified users to be able to view certain pages.

A Teacher Website is a Must for Your Curriculum!

You need a teacher website. All the other teachers have them and you are behind the times. Unfortunately, your principal or administrator does not provide you the tools you need because there are no teacher resource websites or builders available through regular channels. This is due to such things as computers, educational software, and web or internet resources having recently been cut out of the budget. At best, if you are lucky, you have the authority to build your own teachers website, and then you may apply to be reimbursed out of limited discretionary funds which have been allocated to your classroom or curriculum. At worst, you'll either have to bear the cost of building a website out of your own pocket, or you'll not be reimbursed. You'll get a bit of a tax refund or credit for making such a contribution, but it won't be much. In the ideal world you'd love to find some free teacher website building and hosting resources available. It would be wonderful if you could just find a website builder and hosting solution that wouldn't cost you a dime!

Doodlekit offers a free teachers website that is simple for you and your students to use

We want to emphasize, before we get to the details of one way you might offer your students a fun learning experience by using Doodlekit as your free teacher's website solution. What we are offering really is free and without gimmick. All you need to do is give us a name and email address, which confirms you are a real person, and nothing else. We don't use your information for any other purpose and we don't give it to anyone else. If you sign up for a free website you give us absolutely no financial information, whatsoever. You sign no contract, and you are not obligated to us in any way. All you are doing for us is giving us a try. Yet, if after you give us a try you are not satisfied for any reason, and you want to cancel and erase your site forever, that is all up to you and 100% in your control. The catch is that you have to use a sub domain and don't get our full package, like our shopping cart and various plug ins and applications. But the free website option gives you plenty of opportunity to build your own templates, add text, and images. We also want to emphasize that even if you and your students have no programming background, you need to have no worries. You don't have to know anything about programming to build a website using Doodlekit's tools! Most of what you will be doing when building your website and adding/changing content will involve using point and click interfaces, filling in the blanks, doing formatting with text editors, and the like. If you've been using the Internet and email, creating documents with word processors, or even using presentation building software, you already know all you need to know to make a great teacher's website.

Building School Teacher Websites can be a Great Class Project!

We are of course offering a free solution for building teachers websites, but the truth of the matter is, you can also use our web builder and hosting solution to create an awesome class website. You don't even have to do it on your own. You can do build your site along with your students, or even make it an assignment you supervise. In fact, you could sign up for a free website for each of your classes, and building them could be a class project on using the Internet, blogging, or the like. Perhaps it could be a means for posting your assignments, as well as any of the material you or your students write, and even the class syllabus. The site could be a great way to post pictures of class events or field trips. The are so many advantages, one of which is the incredible amount of paper you could save. With the right teacher's websites or class websites in place, you might not ever have print any pictures or papers again! If you sign up for more than just our free solution, your options for making your job easier are incredible! For a very low monthly price you will have the ability to assign each of your students login names and passwords so they can post their work on your site, and you can choose which information is confidential and which is not. You can create blogs as well as forums by which your students post or contribute their work, as well as help one another, make comments, or offer appropriate critiques. You can even post grades online and preserve confidentiality by assigning your students unique identifying numbers only you know. Should any student post inappropriate content, you can immediately erase or change it, as well as modify any offending student's access to the site/their ability to post content.

Start you class/teacher web building project today!

If you have access to computers in your classroom, all you have to do is go to and sign up for a free site or multiple sites. You or you and your students can jump right in and start making a website or websites. Maybe it would be fun to take a picture of your class and see if you can post it in your header image, and then work with the color template to match your school colors. Perhaps you are currently working on a science project, and it would be fun to write about your experiments and post pictures and results? You and your class could even work together to write a blog on the subject, and then talk about everything the class has learned in a blog or forum! Not only this, because keeping parents informed is so important, once your site is up and running, you can show off your students to their parents, to let them know their children are learning so much and having such enriching academic experiences.

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